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Great review, i read your review after they had shipped the new drobo s 10 TB to me and i called to discuss this with the company. The 64bit version of Adobe products has a problem with it that can cause your drive or your printer to stop working. I believe it has to do with the way it labels or describe certain files attributes in adobe. Adobe took about 2 hours to fix it but they had seen it before, they had me switch back to the 32 bit version of the software and everything worked fine.

I switched out the drives and mine is noticeable faster i know you were already using enterprise drives for your review. I had to change my settings on the drives, they default spin down setting causes the drives to sleep after 15 minutes and they must start back up the first time you go to use them. Very often i will work on a photo group longer than 15 minutes so this seemed like it would slow me down so i changed it to 2 hours.

I found the same thing you did; esata would not work with the drobo on my Dell laptop so i am using USB3. Don, thank you for your opinion and mini-review — looks like you experienced very similar issues as well. I did not know about the bit and bit Adobe Lightroom issue. Were you trying to keep your Lightroom library on the Drobo S unit itself? This would certainly be a bad idea, as Drobo S should not be used to read from and write to the Drobo even Drobo suggests not to do that.

Ideally, you want to keep your Lightroom catalog file on the local hard drive and keep your photographs on the Drobo.

How to Setup the Drobo 5D

As for hard drives and why Drobo does not mention the black drives — as I have indicated in this review, my WD enterprise drives got extremely hot after a while, so I think the problem here is primarily ventilation issues. The Drobo is just not designed to keep so many RPM drives cool, which is why the green drives work so much better. I thought I would move to something like Drobo for its simplicity.

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However, your review has changed my opinion. For an amateur hobbyist, what are your thoughts about online storage and backup like amazon s3, mozy, etc? If you only archive JPEG images, it might not be as bad, but for RAW storage, online solutions are too expensive and slow due to traffic throughput. First of all, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all your hard work, insight, and careful advice given via your website.

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I have found the articles written by you and your wife to be tremendously helpful over the last several months as I ramp up my own passion for photography again after many years of neglect. However, I find this particular article regarding the Drobo S rather troublesome. I happen to own 2 Drobo S units one first generation, usb 2.

My throughput numbers are remarkably different from your own, and I wanted to share my own numbers with your readership. If you want the extra peace of mind, you can have it with very little impact on performance, although you will have to give up about 1 disk the largest in the array of usable storage space. Personally, I trust the Drobo completely, so I chose to configure mine for greater usable space. I have provided my email address as part of this comment, and if anyone would like screen snapshots of my drive benchmarks, I would be happy to supply them.

Eusuf, thank you for your feedback and I apologize for responding late to your comment. The 85 MB throughput you are getting is most likely cached data and it is not true throughput figures, as it would be close to impossible to squeeze that kind of performance out of slow SATA green drives. Your write speeds are close to what I got with an SSD drive, which is just unrealistic. Try copying a GB single file from your local hard drive to the Drobo and let me know what speeds you get at the end of the transfer — that would be more or less realistic.

What should I do if my Drobo will not mount?

No, the tests were conducted properly using several benchmarks, particularly the AJA Video Systems www. In every instance, a minimum of 1.

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I do a significant amount of video editing, so disk throughput is a key performance metric. Finally, I am concerned that something is seriously wrong with your test environment.

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If all of your disks are producing such poor performance, something must be configured incorrectly. Perhaps I can email the screenshots to you directly? Eusuf, GB of data might not be sufficient for testing purposes, as some applications will cache the data into RAM before putting it into the drive. Benchmark software also can measure performance differently.

Often times, hard drive performance benchmarks are meaningless, if no direct comparison is provided against other products. Just try copying a GB file and measure the true performance from start to finish and then divide it by seconds. Benchmarks can often be misleading, as there are many different variables involved, such as file size, block size and caching.

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And this is with caching disabled. Increase the file size and you will get even smaller numbers. And I am not even talking about random file access speeds here…. Nasim, this is an amazing review. You should review for the tech sites like Gizomodo or Engadget! Such are the demands that a thorough review create! And on top of that, I am noticing your posts on photography tips, esp.

Or actually take those gorgeous shots? Rob, I guess you were right about me being busy — sorry that I missed your comment and did not have a chance to reply to it for a while. Thank you for your positive feedback, I truly appreciate it! As for your question, I would seriously explore some good NAS options that are currently available besides Drobo.

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I consolidated my home media library music, videos, etc into the ReadyNAS Pro unit and I am also using it to backup my photos from my PC on a nightly basis. Works great, I cannot complain and the speed is amazing. I am currently testing out a Drobo Pro unit and while it is much better than the lower-end Drobos, it still cannot match ReadyNAS pro in terms of performance….

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I have never been able to find a good use for it. It is soooo slow. Very quickly I went back to my original workflow. As you know, 2 TB drives are very inexpensive. The slower spindle speed, or rpm, is not problem since I only work with still images. Three sets, i. For back-ups, full or incremental, I use SuperDuper. A very versatile program that even turns off the Mac when it has finished. What happened to my Drobo? I could not return it and it sat on the shelf for nine months. I had old GB and 1 TB drives. Then I copied these into a 1.

elfcopy.com/components/decree/iphone-7-plus-goerueme-kaydetme-program.php The picture quality of the stored DVDs is excellent. Should Drobo fail it does not matter. The concept is like iTunes. I do not have a Drobo S but I have the 2nd generation Drobo, i. The DVDs are simply loaded unto the Drobo with any software extraction program you can find. I organize the titles into folder so that a folder has 20 movies.