Ntfs 3g for mac 10.8.2

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Deleting large folder from external drive problem. Thread starter Terri French Start date Nov 20, Prev 1 2 3. First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. So just to go off at a tangent - if I were to reformat a drive which is the best format to use?

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  6. Or is it a "depends" situation? Walter Subscribing Member. Desmond, I agree with Tom.

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    It provides improved reliability and integrity, and supports larger files. If you are moving an external drive between various Windows and OS X computers then the FAT32 filesystem is the most universally compatible, but you have to accept the 4GB max file size limit. There are conflicting reports regarding OS X Some say it was there and then removed. Others can't make it work. I have not tested this personally. GoogleCodeExporter added the auto-migrated label Mar 4, Cross-posting this comment from bradleya Not sure about TrueCrypt, but you don't seem to be getting that far anyhow, probably because the default MacFuse build is broken.

    Thanks Angela, the version you linked to works for me and solves the same issue for me. Original comment by frig I was going to try that but didn't like the idea of going back a version, at first. Original comment by jmevalen Original comment by a1lexwin Thank jmevalen Like you said, it worked like a charm Original comment by wspamb Thank you all.

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    Thanks a million. As you say "like a charm" on Mac OS X Hi guys, I am using OS X Page content loaded. Jul 28, PM in response to tomroon In response to tomroon. Jul 28, PM. It can natively read it, but you'll need third-party software to write. It does not, however, write. Some of the external drive manufacturers have come out with some custom drivers that support writing NTFS.


    I wouldn't use them as NTFS can be finicky Jul 29, AM. Aug 3, AM in response to tomroon In response to tomroon. Aug 3, AM. Aug 3, AM in response to edoardoc In response to edoardoc. Oct 27, AM in response to tomroon In response to tomroon.

    Appologize for hi-jacking the thread somewhat, but I was going to post pretty much the same question. I currently have a Windows PC.

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    I have an external hard drive formatted in NTFS. I'm planning on getting an iMac early next year and was wondering if I would be able to connect the NTFS external hard drive to my iMac, and then basically copy the contents of it to the relevant place on my iMac? Oct 27, AM. Oct 27, AM in response to tal In response to tal Oct 27, PM. Nov 9, AM in response to tomroon In response to tomroon.

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