Screensaver for mac os x mountain lion

It will work once, maybe twice after a full reboot, then stops completely.

I have had to start using the hot corner trick as well. Oct 12, 8: Well, the screensaver does not turn on after Mountain Lion and my kids didn't realize it to use the hot corners. End result, I have a ruined IMac screen with a burned in image the iMac is at least a year and half or two years old. Do I have any recourse? This seems bogus, that due to a bug that prevents the screen saver from tripping, I now have a pile of junk.

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Oct 15, 5: Upgraded iMac to Mountain Lion a couple of weeks ago. Screen saver was working well until Sunday or Monday. Did not know! It was working before.

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The screen now has burn marcs! Screen saver still not working except forced with hot corner.

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Tried permissions, restart with OC p r. Is there any way to fix this?

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And the screen? Took great care of this iMac and now because what seems like a bug from Apple, it's ruined. Oct 22, 7: Same issue with non-working screensaver. I have to be extra careful, as the offending Mac is connected to plasma TV.

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Nov 2, 4: In OSX Lion, the screensaver was working fine, kicking in after 10 minutes. Since the update to Mountain Lion, it stops working relialibly. Sometime it works, sometime not. Nov 21, 9: Nov 25, 8: I sent a bug report in as someone had recommended we all do that. Nov 25, I've had this same issue as well.

When mine does actually enter the screensaver and hit sleep mode, it will not come out of it, though.


I have to manually hold down power to turn it off and on again. Nov 28, 5: I'll join in here as well - comes and goes - sometimes it works - sometimes not - sometimes a reset fixes it - sometimes not. Nov 28, 1: Nov 29, 5: Actually, this helps more. I deleted the screensaver lockfile - we'll see if that fixes it.

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Jan 10, 1: I had this issue, I found that when I quit Insomnia X which I use to disable lid sleep the problem went away. So I guess its an Insomnia X bug. Does anyone know where that amazing canyon is?

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Thanks a lot! Name required.

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